With over 20 years experiences in accounting industry, we have assisted many successful cases of subclass 188 visa. We can assist you in all aspect of your immigrant requirements.

Our service

188 B,C,D

188 A,E

  • Taxation structuring
  • Estate planning
  • Asset protection
  • Financial reporting
  • Tax return
  • Taxation structuring
  • Immigrant Standard Bookkeeping (include bill payments if required)
  • Financial reporting (required by immigrant office)
  • Tax return
  • Payroll

Why Graphite Business Advisers?

Our motivation is to build long lasting relationship with our clients, through clear understanding of our clients’ businesses, anticipating and providing the necessary advice and support allows our clients to achieve their long-term objectives and visa approval.

Your work is prepared by qualified accountants with a comprehensive understanding of the Australian taxation law. Thus allowing us to minimise our clients’ taxation obligations whilst maximising their taxation benefits and satisfy immigration office’s requirement.

All relevant opportunities and challenges are clearly monitored and regularly communicated to our clients.

Our staffs can speak Mandarin, Cantonese, and Vietnamese if English is not your first language!