Budgeting and Cash Flow

Businesses fail because they run out of cash, not profit. The uncertain timing of cash inflows due to credit sales means that even profitable businesses can face temporary shortages of cash. The most effective way of avoiding temporary cash flow shortages is to create a rolling cash flow forecast.

Cash flow forecasting and budgeting are invaluable tools for business owners to identify cash and costs wastage, anticipating temporary cash shortages before they occur.

We also plan and prepare for seasonal increases, business expansion opportunities, stock control and other necessary capital investment.


When was the last time your business had a health check up?

Many people have regular health checkups with their GP, but few visit their accountants for a business health check-up.

We will review your current business structure to ensure a balance between maximising asset protection and legally minimising tax.

Review and adopt short and long term business strategies.

Identify, track and act upon KPI.


DOWNLOAD – Finanical Health Check Checklist