Are you spending less time with your family all because you struggle with all the invoices and receipts?

Are you a small business owner who does your books on the night when the BAS is due?
What is your previous month’s trading profit?

We have a dedicated team of experienced bookkeepers who provides peace of mind to your bookkeeping needs. Freeing your time and allowing you to concentrate on what’s important, be it developing your business or spending more time with the family.

Why choose Chartered Accountants over registered book keepers?

There are numerous bookkeepers in the market place, as Chartered Accountants, Graphite Business Advisers have more than 15 years experience. We understand the finance needs of small businesses.

Not only are regular scorecards important, but they are the basic building blocks that determine strategies and profitability of today’s businesses. We guarantee the quality of our bookkeepers’ work; we ensure accurate and timely information, allowing owners and operators to formulate and action upon sound strategies to improve your bottom line.

Our dedicated book keeping services include:

Initial Set Up

Analysis of bookkeeping requirements, tracking requirement and advice on most suitable software

First Class monthly bookkeeping

  • Invoicing and account receivables, expenses and account payables,
  • Bank and PayPal accounts reconciliation, including credit cards statements reconciliation
  • Payroll management, pay slips, superannuation reporting and payments
  • Business activity statement reporting (BAS)

Business Reporting

  • Reliable and timely cash flow statements, profit and loss statements
  • Sales analysis and key performance indicators (KPI) analysis

Online Bookkeeping / Onsite Bookkeeping

  • We provide both offsite and onsite bookkeeping services.
  • Offsite bookkeeping are stored securely online without the hassle of backup or system crashes.

Backlog processing

  • We can also provide back data entries for a competitive price.


We offer our services in competitively priced packages. Find out which one suits you the best here.


Software Solutions

Is your current accounting software suitable for your needs?

Are you utilising all the functions within your current accounting software?

Our consultants are fully trained and qualified with the latest accounting systems; we can recommend the best accounting software solutions for your business needs.


Cloud-Based Accounting Softwares